My name is Aleksejs Popovs. I usually go by my first name, you can pronounce it like ‘Aleks.’

I am originally from Riga, Latvia, where I graduated from the Riga State Gymnasium #1 in 2016. I got a BSc in Mathematics with Computer Science and in Philosophy from MIT in 2020.

Now I live in Pittsburgh, PA, where I am working as a Security Engineer at Figma.

I like riding my bike, learning about the postal service and mailing things, making silly things out of paper, and buying DRM-free music. I would like it if computing was a little bit slower, quirkier, and happened at a smaller scale.

I tried writing a blog but it did not go very far despite all of my investment in configuring the static site generator and picking a funny domain. Now I'm trying again on Cohost.

I have previously worked at Duolingo, interned at Dropbox and NCC Group, and worked on improving the performance of the open-source zero-knowledge cryptography library libsnark.

If you'd like to know how I'm doing, check out my twitter. If you'd like to say hi, email me at